K12 Online learning
Maximize every child's potential and change the world, one student at a time.

K12 is a leader in online education solutions.  Their philosophy is to deliver a superior learning experience and education by putting students first. Their innovative platform and certified teachers deliver award winning curriculum, helping students reach their potential and succeed in college and beyond.


When we began working with K12 their student pool was under performing, even with all the advantages K12 offered. Many students were not ideal candidates for online learning and low performance, retention rates, and reputation scores were a result. We were brought in to reposition the Brand, create a national campaign, including TV, Radio, and Digital Ads and we developed templated collateral for individuals schools to utilize.


K12 will be the first to tell you that their program is not easy, is not for everyone, and that success in their schools requires commitment. Many students were struggling in K12 schools because they were not equipped for their online approach or had misplaced expectations about what they were signing up for.

We worked together to reshape the educator’s positioning and create a new marketing strategy that would scare most companies: reducing lead volume and raising the cost per acquisition. With that, the Uniquely Brilliant campaign launched with the aim of attracting a more engaged, qualified student, equipped to succeed with K12.

Working with K12, we identified  teachers, students and parents that could share the most compelling success stories in testimonial campaigns.

Strategic Insights

Our analysis revealed that K12’s efforts to reach and help as many students as possible was yielding high enrollment, but also leading to their performance problems. The broad net they were casting was resulting in too many enrollments by students that were not a good fit for online learning.

Consumer Mindset

My child is unique - I will continually search fro better and better ways for them to succeed in education and life.

Competitive Landscape

As online learning shapes the future by giving people a choice, it also creates increased compeition and scrutiny.

Brand Insight

After blazing the trail in online education, K12 is still dedicated to putting students first with individualized solutions.

“We believe every student is uniquely brilliant”

The creative process led to the creation of the ‘Uniquely Brilliant’ Campaign which ran for 4+ years. Our creative fulfilled national TV, Radio, Print and Digital plans. Schools also created branded campaigns and collateral using templated elements.

Campaign elements

K12’s goals to improve test scores and retention require a longterm commitment. We knew at the outset that results may not obvious after just one year. After two years of the campaign, as predicted, lead volume was down. However, conversion to enrollment was up and retention and test scores were also on the rise.

With that success, the Uniquely Brilliant campaign was picked up for another two years, featuring a mix of real-family testimonials and branded messaging that told the success stories of K12 students across the country.

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